About Power of Chiropractic


Power of Chiropractic was founded in 2006, by our head doctor Dr. Anthony Usera.

 Whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, or even just plain old muscular tightness and tension, regular chiropractic visits that are made affordable, gentle, and convenient, can give you a new lease on life. 

However, to get the most out of chiropractic, we suggest you don't wait until you hurt to give us a visit.

Dr. Usera is a chiropractor who serves Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Indio, Cathedral City, and the surrounding communities.

Dr. Usera is the highest rated chiropractor in Palm Desert on Google and is dedicated to providing principled chiropractic solutions to target your unique needs.

About Dr. Usera

Dr. Anthony Usera, the head doctor of Power of Chiropractic, is dedicated to providing principled chiropractic solutions that target your unique needs, in order to help you in almost anyway that he can.

Dr. Anthony is a married family man with (2) young daughters. He graduated from Chiropractic School in December of 2006, and has been in practice ever since.

Dr. Usera is the highest rated chiropractor in Palm Desert on google and strives to be affordable, gentle, AND convenient for all of his patients to share his gifts and passion for chiropractic therapy!

What Our Patients Say About Us

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Listen to Dr. Anthony Usera talk about the principles of Chiropractic and how your body is designed to heal from within.

Direct Primary Care Chiropractic DPCC

Direct primary chiropractic care is an innovative care model improving access to high-functioning health care with a simple, flat, affordable membership fee. In our direct primary care model, there are no fee-for-service payments, no third-party billing, and no middleman health policymakers to disrupt your care. The defining element of direct primary care chiropractic is an enduring and trusting relationship between the client and their primary care chiropractic provider.

What you can expect

Better health outcomes thanks to expanded access to the chiropractic physician, empowered authentic therapeutic relationships, and comprehensive whole body client care under one roof.

Lower costs thanks to an affordable, transparent fee structure based on a periodic overall flat rate in the form of a membership or subscription. Clients pay for their care directly to the physician. There are no third parties to inflate costs or deny care.

Enhanced visit experience by reducing administrative hoops and streamlining the appointment and visit experience with walk-in hours available weekly.

At Power of Chiropractic, we aim to solve the very complex problem of healthcare. If you took all the worst parts about health care in America, we see that it is the insurance companies with their mountains of paperwork, greedy corporate hospital systems that don't care about patient satisfaction, and all the shadowy middle men trying to eliminate price transparency at the center of the issue. Insurance has become a cesspool of greed, perverse incentives, incompetence, and a lack of interest in providing great care to the people who need it. It is clear that the current health system doesn't care about providing excellent customer service. Have you ever scheduled an appointment months in advance, only to sit in the waiting room for 90 minutes, followed by an unsatisfying 2-minute doctor visit? That's par for the course these days in the current insurance-based system because insurance is not very effective for regular maintenance care.

The real point of insurance in general is to avoid a huge bill if something catastrophic happens. By paying a little bit of money on a regular basis, you avoid paying a lot of money when something really bad happens. If an insurance company is paying for something that is normal or routine, then they're just a useless middleman adding hoops to jump through and bureaucratic red tape.

The dark side of the insurance paradigm of health care

Here's the thing: insurance companies need to make a fixed profit margin which means they take a cut of all the money that flows through them. The only way for them to make more money is to process more dollars through their system, therefore they had to start insuring things that don't really need to be insured.

As an example, would you use car insurance to pay for regular maintenance like an oil change? No, you would only use it if there was an accident. You pay for routine maintenance yourself. If the car insurer offered to pay for your oil changes and regular maintenance, they would only cover if you go to a provider in their network we will call Highest Price Lube. Since they are approved providers you only have to pay the deductible of 20% at their “pre-negotiated discount rate” of $200. That's how the current healthcare system works in America, you use your insurance for everything. Routine blood test? Pay with insurance. Basic checkup? Pay with insurance. Band-aid on a scratch? Pay with insurance.

In this model hospitals and doctors learned how to game the system so they started submitting Itemized bills containing dozens of payable codes even for the simplest visit. In our oil change analogy, they realized they could add in other services such as changing the cabin air filter or wiper blades. Doctors and hospitals developed complex software geared entirely toward maximizing revenues. Doing things like offering more lucrative surgical options instead of safer, more conservative holistic and chiropractic options.

The current system has even led to an entire profession dedicated to the art of maximizing hospital revenue in medical coding. Of course, the insurance companies realized they were getting played so they tried to fix the system with more elaborate coding systems and more difficult reporting requirements which led to more paperwork and the need for more administrators in the doctor’s office staff. As the systems grew in their complexity doctors and hospitals started requiring more and more administrators to handle the requirements. In the graph below from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, notice that in the last 40 years there has been a 32x (3200%) increase in hospital administrators compared to a 2.6% increase in the total number of doctors.

Since it is so hard for a medical doctor or chiropractor to get reimbursed by an insurance company many private practices are going out of business or joining the local hospital system which we see in our local valley as well. Managing the complexity of the modern insurance system requires a huge, well-funded bureaucracy which is something only big hospital systems can afford.

This is the core driver behind a concept called “hospital consolidation", which is one of the most harmful healthcare trends in the last decades. Big corporate hospital systems have been buying clinics, private practices, and other smaller hospitals so that they can implement their billing practices more widely and steer patients toward facilities and specialists who they control further optimizing their profits.

An example of how prices continue to increase in the current system using our oil change analogy. Let’s say a fair market price for an oil change is $50; this would cover the cost of labor, materials, and disposal of the old oil plus a fair profit margin. if you get an oil change covered by the bloated insurance system at Highest Price Lube, they will try to bill the insurance $200, when the insurance company complains about the high price the Lube company will offer them an amazing deal: a massive 50% discount! The insurance company happily agrees to pay $100 but they are still paying double the market price, meanwhile, your deductible would have covered the price alone. What’s more is some people with the “really good insurance” will fetch the full $200. Over time, the price drifts upwards as insurance companies get accustomed to paying higher and higher prices.

Have you ever heard of a $17.00 single Tylenol pill? A $98 ice pack? You can believe it if you got them at the physical therapist or local hospital! A $75 per mile charge for a ten-minute ride? Only if it’s a ride in an ambulance while being insured. The establishment health care system only charges this much because they can routinely get away with it, padding their pockets while patient care suffers.

Direct primary care chiropractic is different. Here we forge a genuine relationship, connecting the doctor directly to the client. No more scheduling weeks or months in advance; your direct primary care chiropractor is at your fingertips. If you need an in-person visit, you can usually book one the very next day. If managing your care requires blood tests, we have already negotiated totally transparent low prices so we can address any health concerns or questions you may have with no surprise costs. At Power of Chiropractic, you'll have the doctor’s cell phone number so you can text them directly with any questions.

We make this possible by cutting insurance out of the picture. Insurance is fundamentally incompatible with providing comprehensive, compassionate care. When a doctor bills your insurance, they are forced to submit an itemized list of each and every service they have provided. If they don't, they won't get paid, but of course, no insurance company will pay a doctor for answering your texts, offering nutritional advice, opening the door for you when you arrive at the office or taking the time to know you and your family.

It seems like everything is a subscription these days, that's because it's the best way for a business to offer a high-quality service and excellent support over a long period of time. What if Netflix nickel-and-dimed you for every episode of every show you watched? It would be awful. Power of Chiropractic is like a Netflix subscription where you get access to nearly unlimited care for a low monthly price. This is healthcare you've never experienced before it's like having a doctor in the family.

Is direct primary care the same as concierge care?

At Power of Chiropractic, we strive to fill the Coachella Valley's demand for direct primary chiropractic care without the pitfalls of concierge care. To illustrate the differences between direct primary care and concierge care consider the following: concierge practices tend to cater only to higher-income populations, they continue to bill the client's insurance in addition to their membership fees, and they tend to have higher fees which may need to be paid in lump-sum annually. On the other hand, direct primary chiropractic care does not accept insurance or participate in government-controlled health programs. Our model is truly supportive of health freedom of choice while providing substantial savings and a greater degree of access to the physician. The direct primary care chiropractic approach cares for the whole person while reducing overhead, administrative burden, and negative incentives associated with fee-for-service third-party-payer billing practices.

Direct primary care chiropractic works really well for all people from those who are generally healthy and as an adjunct for people who need specialized care or have complex medical issues. Chiropractic can help reduce the need for medications and promote healing from within including musculoskeletal, nervous system, immune system, and a general sense of well-being and vital energy.